What We Do

Upsurge Esports® is an event hosting Esports organization that was founded on December of 2016. Currently Upsurge holds weekend tournaments for casual players and weekday leagues for more competitive ones. All tournaments and leagues are ran on the platform known as Battlefy with the game being League of Legends. In the future Upsurge plans on expanding to hold more events for League of Legends but also take on new fronts in other games.

Our Goal

The end goal is to create a brand, where we can provide events top level teams, but also cater to lower level players to experience competitive play, show them the ins and outs, the steps to becoming professional. We want to provide a format to familiarize players with Esports as a whole.

Meet Our Administration Team

Upsurge Esports® administration team is comprised of individuals that are passionate about gaming and are looking to have careers involved in the market at some point. 

  • Chief Executive Officer & Founder - Garrett Meyerson
  • Business Development -  Alex Neumann
  • Director of Event Operations - Michael Pater
  • Director of Marketing - Stacy Blake