April 2018 Champion Roadmap

In the most recent Champion Roadmap release by Riot, we get a quick glimpse of the theme they have for the next character. We also get news about Nunu and Akali’s gameplay update.


Akali’s visual and gameplay update has been know about for a while, but all that we've known is that Riot wants to preserve her ‘shroud’ ability. They want to keep her playstyle of “hitting hard, repositioning, and then striking again” as they put it. This is one way that they feel helps keep Akali feeling like a real ninja. They also stated that they want to make sure her mobility stays the same so that she doesn't feel like a completely different champion. Another theme Riot is looking at is her ability to do attack damage and magic damage. Using both damage types makes her feel like she has “mastered a wide range of weapons”. Overall, her rework seems to be coming along well and will make Akali mains happy.

Nunu has also been added to list of champion updates after Aatrox and Akali. Riot said that Nunu hasn't aged well and compared to other champions seems lackluster. Not only has his model not been updated since his release, but his abilities don’t seem to fit into the current state of the game. They want to keep Nunu and Willump’s friendship to stay as the core idea for his update. They also want to “capture the childlike feeling of having your first snowball fight or warming up next to a close friend on a cold winter night”. His rework will hopefully bring a lot more light to his character and make it feel like you’re playing as Nunu and not the Yeti.  



Even though Riot Games announced their plans to decrease the amount of new champions released, they didn't fail to leave us without food for thought. Embedded into Riot’s “Champion Roadmap: April 2018” article, they hinted at what could be the next new character. Although they didn't give a great amount of information, this next champion is supposedly a support. This champion will be an aggressive playmaker, and “ someone who doesn't just save a drowning ally, but who forces their enemies to drown themselves… by their own hands”. As for the new lore, the Champion Producers over at Riot HQ are looking to create a “darker, deeper thematic than most of our support cast”. For the players, however, keep your eyes on the sea - or just get some floaties.

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Jake Brumley
UPL: Life Support vs. Honor eSports Blue

Life Support and Honor eSports Blue stepped foot on the battlefield in tonight’s best-of-three series, but only one team walked off victorious.

In game one, Honor eSports’s ‘inchesevan’ on Jax put the game in action. He secured first blood in the top lane for his team after he poked down his opponent to eventual death. Life Support dominated the early game, however. They made bot lane the main attraction when they took the first turret and a Mountain Drake. Honor eSports engaged in a battle for vision, but to no avail. Life Support cleared enemy vision and used the Rift Herald mid lane to pressure their adversaries. Mid and late-game showed to be extremely one-sided. With Life Support two turrets, four kills, and ten-thousand gold ahead, Honor could be fully recovered. Life returned back to the top side as Baron Buff arrived and secured it, further feeding their carries. Life Support had become unstoppable and burned through objectives with no second thoughts. After they secured an Infernal Drake on the way back to the enemy base, Honor eSports’s base was completely cracked open. Both of Life Support’s bot laners had perfect KDA’s and near full kill participation, they were able to close out the first match at 24 minutes.

Game two had a bit more in store. Honor eSports took a more aggressive approach the second time around and built for an apace early game. Honor secured an Infernal Drake first and foremost to add pressure throughout the map. They followed this tempo throughout the early game and secured the first turret bot lane with Rift Herald. This didn’t last long, however. Luckily for Life Support, they hopped back on their feet just in time for the mid-game. Life stole the Mountain Drake and a Baron Buff away from their contenders to display a clear lead. Honor eSports attempted to contest and Infernal Drake in hopes of recovery, but Life Support was on top of it and secured it. In a beeline for the enemy nexus, Honor found themselves behind Life Support’s carries in a chase to their own base. Life’s ‘Nagito’ on Ezreal led his team to melt through two inhibitors and reset immediately after. Honor eSports made their way back into the light since they took down the Baron Buff later in the game. This didn't ruin Life Support’s plans, however. They spotted and claimed siege plans, taking out chunks of their enemies. After a long and difficult battle, Life Support closed out the series at 35 minutes.

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Elle Karff
UPL: Grunto eSports vs. Dawn eSports

In tonight's UPL match, Grunto eSports and Dawn eSports faced off in an intense battle on the rift.

Grunto eSports’s ‘Midorima’ on Kai’Sa commenced game one with a secured first blood onto the enemy Draven bot lane. Grunto then went on to take the Infernal Drake shortly after, which formed their early game lead. However, Dawn eSports’s ‘AllAero’ on Kassadin swooped in and saved the day! He used his strong game knowledge for a secured, risky, unofficial triple kill, returning pressure back to his bot lane. Dawn eSports just couldn’t grasp the lane and surrendered the first turret. Grunto knew how to handle their lead, and returned to the dragon pit for an Infernal Drake. At this point, Grunto eSports had a dramatic lead over their adversaries. Dawn eSports constantly worked to hold down as much pressure as they could, but with Grunto eSports making every inch a battlefield, the territory was given up with ease. Grunto secured and used the Rift Herald in the top lane to secure 2 turrets and an inhibitor. After a swift reset, Grunto starts to head for the baron pit. Little did they know, this could be the end of their reign. As Grunto combated Baron Buff, Dawn eSports forced their opposers to back off with a teleport and vision. Dawn started the baron buff for themselves this time and secured it after a failed contest. Although Dawn used the buff well, all those extra turrets and kills were no match for Grunto eSports. Grunto’s ‘Midorima’ on Kai’Sa secured a pentakill, and opened the enemy base for the siege. They returned stronger than ever, and after the last minute ace, Grunto eSports closed out the first match at 33 minutes.

In game two, the early game was over and easy fairly quickly. Dawn eSports’s ‘HydroZenith’ on Karma started off the match and took first blood onto the enemy Zyra in the bot lane. Grunto eSports stayed on top of their game and did not give up a single objective. They started their victory path in the bot lane by taking first turret, denying their enemies from getting ahead. Grunto worked together to match up to every kill or gold lead their opponents would attempt to secure. They took a Mountain Drake at the end of the early game, to store additional damage to take down turrets. Dawn eSports made a noticeable effort to try and recover from their deficits, but couldn’t manage to get back on their feet. Grunto secured another Mountain Drake and secured the final batch of turrets to break into Dawn’s base. Objectives showed to be the golden key for Grunto, since they denied and punished Dawn for taking any in their reach. Combimbed, this made Grunto an unstoppable force, allowing them to close out the game at 23 minutes.

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Elle Karff
UML: Azio Academy vs ExT eSports

These two matches from Azio Academy fighting ExT eSports displayed a beautiful comeback story!

3 minutes into game one Azio’s jungler, Frostnomad, ganks top lane and gets first blood. Soon after, a 4v3 takes place bot lane where Azio loses three members and kills two. Azio’s Olaf starts snowballing really hard and, after a gank bot lane and a dragon, has 100% kill participation. At 15 minutes, a 3v3 breaks out top lane where Olaf gets shut down. Azio kills one more person and only loses one of their own, then soon takes ocean dragon. A little later, ExT fights a 5v5 at mid and kills two people without losing anyone. At 30 minutes, Azio tries to take Baron, but ExT checks on the buff and a fight takes place. ExT’s mid laner is the first to fall, then they kill Olaf and Cho’Gath which lets them finish the Baron. Four minutes later, Azio try to take down ExT’s base. Olaf starts by catching out Orianna and Sion, but Azio trade by killing Cho’Gath. This lets ExT kill Baron while Graves solo kills the Elder Dragon. 40 minutes in, Azio takes Baron and, after losing three people bot lane, get back up and almost get an ace. This fight Azio’s ADC, im ni, carried it by positioning well and played a big part in Azio winning this game.

Game two start off with Ext taking first blood at 8 minutes. This leads into two 3v2’s happening on opposite sides of the map! Ext’s mid laner and ADC picks up 2 kills from the storm. In order to counterbalance the kills, Azio’s jungler is camping mid so that he doesn’t get anymore kills. At 12 minutes, ExT’s jungler comes to gank while Azio’s Top laner teleports down. This was not the smartest idea because it lead to Jhin getting another double kill and setting Tristana back even farther. These kills also gave ExT first tower gold. At 15 minutes into the game, ExT has good control over towers and objectives to snowball their lead. 21 minutes in, ExT engage in a 5v4 mid lane after catching out the enemy Orianna. They are also able to catch out the Trundle and Jarvan and get a little extra gold onto the Jhin. At 26 minutes, Jarvan engages but kills nobody. Azio’s ADC see’s the enemies low on hp and goes in to kill Ornn. A few minutes pass and Azio is taking down ExT’s base! Orianna catches out the enemy Kayne with her ultimate and lets Azio get bot inhibitor plus Baron buff. With Baron, Azio pushes mid and Orianna catches out Jhin. After getting mid inhibitor, they go top lane to finish the final inhibitor. At 30 minutes, ExT forces a fight to save the game, but get aced and lose.

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