Week 5 UPL West: AZIO White vs Super Nova Esports

This matchup has a lot on the line for both teams involved. AZIO White has a chance to challenge for the top spot in the west while, Super Nova has to win in order to maintain their spot at the top in the company of Zenith Esports. In game 1 first blood comes at 6 minutes in favor of AZIO White’s jungler Vakin who is playing Kayn and his victim was Super Nova’s mid laner. A team fight breaking out at 20 minutes won by beautifully executed team play in favor of AZIO White which leads to a baron buff secured for their team. AZIO White is using this baron buff to pressure the side lanes and then rotate to mid lane to push it in as well. The baron power play racked up 5 towers for AZIO White. Another team fight breaks out at 26 minutes and leads to the final nexus push by AZIO White.

In game 2 Super Nova is out for revenge because they swiftly pick up the first blood against Vakin’s Hecarim, the kill is credited towards Super Nova’s mid laner Sudzzi. The game was going in favor of AZIO White for the most part up until the 42 minute mark where Super Nova gets a team fight win and get to push in the middle inhibitor and a baron buff secured for them. Super Nova is sieging top lane and expose the top lane inhibitor at 45 minutes. Super Nova look to then push bottom lane at 47 minutes while also baiting a team fight which Super Nova wins quite easily. This fight was the game winning team fight with the nexus finally falling at 48 minutes after having Super Nova climb a huge deficit to take the win in game 2.

In game 3 first blood comes out at 2 minutes from a 2v2 in the bot lane in favor of Super Nova’s Xayah. Super Nova looks to be taking over the early game getting both kills and towers over AZIO White. Super Nova is taking a very methodical approach in choking out AZIO White by pressuring all the lanes. Super Nova picks off the Kennen of AZIO White and then proceeds to secure baron. A team fight happens at 27 minutes going in favor to Super Nova and then AZIO White waves their white flag and surrenders the game. The series goes to Super Nova with a record of 2-1. The series could have been over in favor of AZIO had they not thrown away their lead in game 2. This series was very entertaining and action packed because of how much both teams fought to come out on top.

Julian Sierra
Week 4 UPL East: AZIO Black vs Team Clarity


In this matchup we have AZIO Black versus Team Clarity which was formerly known as High Voltage. Coming in to these games they are both tied in the standings with a 1-2 record. Both teams will be eager to pull ahead of the other in the standings!

In game 1 of the series the game begins with a spicy first blood coming in quickly at 2 minutes for the top laner of AZIO Black. After some back and forth kills and objectives going over to both teams the game starts to swing completely into the favor of Team Clarity at 13 minutes right after a team fight in the mid lane resulting in a 3 to 1 trade and mid lane tower in favor of Clarity. The game’s pace is now being set by Clarity and at 18 minutes they decide to step the game back up another notch, they pick off 2 of AZIO Black’s players to get 2 of the bottom towers and inhibitor. Two team fights break out one occurring at 21 minutes resulting in the middle inhibitor falling and then at 24 minutes resulting in a game winning push through the top lane to end the game in favor of Team Clarity!

Game 2 of the series begins with a 1 on 1 resulting with Yasuo getting murdered in cold blood by Clarity’s Syndra who goes by the moniker “was good in s6”. Following this fight the game is going in a scrappy manner with once again both sides losing and gaining kills and objectives. The only player who kept an upward trajectory without losing much the early game was the hungry and vicious “was good in s6”! In the series of plays that I mentioned during the series of trades between the two plays someone who stands out as having a difficult time initially was Daddygoesdeep, Team Clarity’s jungler who begins to pick up the slack on his part and racks up 2 impressive double kills in a series of plays before 14 minutes. By the 14 minute mark a team fight breaks out mid and is won by Team Clarity and not too long after at 15 minutes Daddygoesdeep uses his Xin Zhao to really go deep to kill the Lucian, knock down the bottom tower and pick up the infernal drake! Team Clarity smells blood in the water and uses their Rift Herald to push in mid, they grab the inhibitor while an ensuing team fight results in yak0 the big boy in the top lane on Dr. Mundo to get a penta kill at the 17 minute mark. Finally at 19 minutes the game ends with a 10 k gold lead in favor of Team Clarity. Team Clarity showed dominance throughout the series and showed how hungry they were to climb up in the standings. Questions should be asked of AZIO Blacks mid lane with such a poor performance but it should be assumed that he will be looking to bounce back in his next game.









Julian Sierra
Week 4 UPL West: AZIO White vs Dramatik Gaming

Two teams met on the 3rd of July, 2018 to gain victory above the other in order to position themselves closer to the top of the standings. AZIO White is tied for second prior to meeting Dramatik Gaming while, Dramatik is fighting to climb its way higher up the table as they are tied for fourth.

During game 1 AZIO Whites top laner, Firetheft using Kennen was able to 1v1 Dramatiks top laner who was playing Poppy. Firetheft completely destroys him to secure first blood for his team. However, he overstays after the kill and Weniwin comes and cleans up to pull a kill back for his team using Graves. At 11 minutes Vakin uses Nocturnes Paranoia to get a kill on Jido’s Braum following up with a kill against the Graves which eventually turned into a fight in the jungle of Dramatiks bot side resulting with Yasuo killing Lucian. After this point the game begins to swing completely into the favor of AZIO White. AZIO’s players all have leads on their respective matchups with a team gold lead of 6k at 14 minutes! Over the remainder of the game AZIO is consistently out pressuring Dramatik all over the map. AZIO is showing a very calculated but explosive playstyle that Dramatik just can’t seem to handle. At 25 minutes a pick on Graves happens and AZIO White is free to complete the Baron and a big push happens mid where Locke Lamora on Vladimir dives the mid inhibitor tower to complete a triple kill and winning the first game of the series for AZIO White in dominant fashion. AZIO White wins 22 to 5 with a 20 k gold lead at 28 minutes.

Game 2 of this action packed match up has AZIO White once again going for a composition that lacks a marksman champion. Locke Lamora and Firetheft on exciting champions such as Leblanc and Gangplank respectively. First blood comes at 3 minutes on account of a gank by Vakin against Dramatiks bot lane with the kill credit going to AZIO’s Braum. Not too long after a 1v1 in the top lane breaks out and Angormus tries to finish off Gangplank under tower but Firetheft is quick to barrel and citrus combo to kill Nasus as well as surviving his attack. Meanwhile Disconnectr picks up a kill on Dramatiks Kai’sa. Compared to game one this game is much closer between the two teams. At 24 minutes weniwin was able to steal away a Baron to try and deny AZIO White the ability to gain more pressure. Even without the Baron buff AZIO White is still able to push in with relative ease and maintain pressure that they gained throughout the game. Finally at 30 minutes a pick on Nasus allows Gangplank to get the bottom inhibitor and the rest of the team to destroy the top inhibitor. At this point baron has respawned while Vakin picks up a third infernal dragon! At 32 minutes AZIO gets a Baron Buff secured in response 3 of their members lives. While the fight broke out at Baron the minion waves destroyed both of Dramatiks nexus towers. AZIO White just pushes mid with their baron buff allowing for a triple inhibitor push and they overwhelm the nexus with minions to gain victory at 35 minutes with an 11k gold lead.

After the games I spoke to both Dramatiks top laner and Kai who is the coach of AZIO White and asked them a few questions about how they feel about their teams.

Angormus from Dramatik Q1: Now that you're 1-3 how do you guys see yourselves bouncing back against your next opponents and what do you guys think you have to do as a team to improve?

A1: We weren't playing with our main roster, we had both our main support and adcs out this week and our main jungler out due to various reasons, life has been rough this last week for our squad's schedule.

Q2: Do you think you guys can pull an upset against Zenith who is tied for first in your division?

A2: They're the final boss if we want any playoff contention hopes to stay alive, so we're going to need to prepare for them a lot. I think with our main roster we have a shot at pulling a solid upset if we can keep alive through the early game.

Q3: How do you feel about the individual matchup between you and their top laner.

A3: It's going to be a rough match up for me, I'm probably the weakest link on the team, if I can manage to go even that'll mean a lot for our team. Honestly, not super confident about it currently, but I've been able to go head to head with players of that tier with Nasus before, hopefully I can do it without him.

Coach Kai of AZIO White Q1: After such a dominant showing this week how do you feel about eventually challenging for first place?

A1: I feel confident that we can compete with the best teams within Upsurge, I look forward to seeing what we can do!

Q2: What do you think of your next match up and how confident do you feel you can repeat a performance of the likes witnessed today?

A2: I think that Supernova is one of our stronger opponents. I think that they will give us more of a challenge than Dramatik did, but I think we can definitely compete against them.

Q3: My last question is do you think you have any specific attribute in your team where you guys need to improve on the most?

A3: While I was more than happy with our performance in game one, game two was much closer than it needed to be. Consistency is among many aspects that we need to improve on as we keep growing as a team.

Julian Sierra
Upsurge Summer League HYPE!

          As the school year comes to a close and we all get closer to celebrating sunny days grinding ranked, Upsurge announces their summer leagues. Finally, something to watch after going on a losing streak! Starting on June 11 with the UML and ending August 16 with the UPL Championships, you can watch your favorite teams compete for the Summer League title all summer long. “Am I excited for the league? Hell yeah,” Triplelift - Team Imperia.

          I had asked the team representatives to give me their thoughts on the league and possibly some information on who their main competition is. Medik from Imperia Red stated that “My team and I are very excited for the upcoming UML split, we'll definitely have some tough competition in Windstorm Gaming, Awaken Militia, and Ephorize” Even though Ephorize has been replaced by Hooked eSports, we hope that some exciting games come out of these few teams. Sync from Illinois Academy had also stated that “[We] have faced Dawn's main team and they were a force to be reckoned with,” which could possibly mean the teams have some friendly competition going on in the back round.

          All of the teams are obviously exciting to get into the games this summer, and for good reason. After look through all of the responses, most if not all the teams believe that the Western Conference seems to more difficult teams. However, after a poll on our Twitter (@UpsurgeGG) more people thought that the Eastern Conference was more difficult. Even though it was almost 50/50, it’s very interesting to see how the community views the conferences and how the teams view them.

          If you haven’t heard, this summer is also supposed to be the “most competitive season in Upsurge Leagues history,” as said by our Fearless Leader, Ninja (@SRGENinja)...Sorry for the shameless plugs I’ll stop, and no he didn’t force me to do that. Anyways, everyone at Upsurge is super excited to see these teams compete and have fun in the process!

          Anyone that is looking to volunteer as a writer for the summer, please contact me on our Discord (ProtonFuser #1907), my Twitter (@ProtonFuser), or Upsurge’s Twitter (@UpsurgeGG). So many names I know but seriously it will be fun to hang out with me and my other writer Elle. So please contact if you enjoy writing and playing league, I swear articles are about to become more interesting!

          As we all put on our floaties and head out to the beach, enjoy your summer and remember to tune into our games starting June 11 on our Twitch! For all the information your big brain can handle about this league, check out this link and for updates follow our Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

Jake Brumley