League of Legends Preseason 8

League of Legends preseason has launched and is now live! This year will contain the biggest updates yet for the game including a change to the runes system, combining IP with Hextech crafting, removal of the level cap and more.

When the preseason comes, you will have a new way to express your unique play style with the five new paths for your runes. You can choose Precision to improve your attacks and sustain damage, domination to do more burst and target damage, sorcery to empower your abilities and summoner spells, resolve for more crowd control and tankiness, or inspiration to bend the rules of the match. You will be able to select two of the five trees to go down in order to create powerful pages that show off your skill. These pages will also be able to be edited in champion select so you can adapt based on your opponent.

Next up is the combination of the hextech crafting and IP. This year, all of your current IP will be transferred into blue essence and will be used to purchase champions and all of the new items from the limited time Blue Essence Store which will only be available for a few weeks. This store will contain limited availability emotes, ward skins, and icons as well as the Urf Warwick skin and chroma skins.

For all of the harcore League players, there is finally no level cap to your summoner. Leveling up will now give you special rewards the higher you go and for every milestone you hit. For every milestone, for instance level 50 and 100, you will receive a special icon to show how much you play. Riot will also be giving out icons to players who have already played an extremely large amount of hours before this years preseason to show that they realize you’re out there.

More information on any of the preseason changes can be found in the link provided. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update

Jake Brumley