Thoughts on UWI Group A

Group A, the group of powerhouses, anime redemption, and internet provider win conditions has kept us on our toes. Now that we're coming up on the home stretch of the group stage, let's dive into the teams that make up the group.

Super Nova: Super Nova have been on a mission of redemption ever since dropping out of the UPL playoffs in the semifinal to eventual champs OSU. Unfortunately, the Super Nova squad ran into a wall last week with a definitive 2-0 defeat at the hands of NCSU. this loss came on the back of lackluster early game pressure paired with predominately early game drafts focused on side lane control. Super Nova is certainly still in the hunt for the Group A title, but one or two training montages may be in order because it is not an easy road ahead.

NCSU Prime: Lag-be-gone! NCSU's improvement since their opening match loss to the Super Nova crew has reportedly been in part due to mid laner "ShadowVisions" acquiring of "decent internet". ISPs aside, NCSU has shown themselves to be a formidable team in early game play and mid game shot calling. While the first reaction would be for NCSU to start prepping for the big bad teams from other groups, the group isn't over just yet and one late tournament rally from the other teams could snatch the title out from under them.

Toby's Angels: Toby's Angels continues to mystify us all with their next level strats of not revealing their roster. Four weeks into the group stage and we have yet to view the entire roster in action. Your guess as to whether their completed team will continue to under preform or win the 2018 LoL World Championship is as good as mine. From a technical point (my favorite kind), they only need to beat Illinois Academy to qualify for the group knockout stage. From there, anything is possible I suppose.

Illinois Academy: To say that Illinois Academy are underdogs in the group at the moment would be a massive understatement. As a team, they are currently 1-3, with their only win being over Toby's Angels due to an FF in week 1. As a great FlyQuest fan once said, "It's time to bring out the mordekaiser blitzcrank bot lane". Passing into the great land of theoretical, if Illinois can pull off a few game wins in their final week, they can look to tie or beat Toby's Angels for the 3rd place spot and enter the elimination bracket.

Power Ranks:
1 - NCSU Prime
2 - Super Nova
3 - Toby's Angels
4 - Illinois Academy

Key Match:
Toby's Angels vs Super Nova

Stephen "ReTurned" Johnson

Stephen Johnson