League of Legend's World Championship (Legends Never Die)


       After three years of dominating the competition, South Korean Telecommunications (SKT T1) has finally been dethroned by Samsung Galaxy(SSG) with a clean 3-0 sweep. Many League of Legends fans know how dominating SKT has been in the past few years when it comes to winning the World's Championship for League of Legends. This year, SKT surprised everyone on the difficulty they had in what was once a trampling of teams, to fierce and evenly matched competition. Even though they went 5-1 in the group stages, they were one game away from being knocked out both against Misfits Gaming and Royals Never Give Up(RNG).

       SSG seemed to be extremely enthusiastic about being able to compete with SKT this year and try for a chance to change the outcome of the previous year. SSG wanted revenge and was able to serve it on a silver platter without giving SKT any chance to breath in between games. This set of games also gave SSG’s mid laner, Crown, another round against Faker, who is world renown to be the best player in League of Legends. Crown did an excellent job of denying Faker to get ahead in each set of three and to control his presence in these series. Some fans would try to blame SKT’s Jungler, Peanut, for their losses, but even after swapping him for Blank they still weren't able to keep up with SSG’s outstanding play style and expert decision making.

Congratulations to Samsung Galaxy for achieving #1 in the world of League of Legends.

Jake Brumley