Upsurge January Leagues

Opening January 15, 2018 Upsurge will be hosting a professional, minor and developmental winter league! In these leagues, there will eight teams competing against each other in an LCS style of play. All three leagues will have featured games that will be live streamed and casted, with twenty one games per league. These games will be played over the course of seven weeks and the teams will be constantly fighting for their respected prize pools. The professional league will have a $1,250 prize pool and will be playing on Wednesdays, $600 for the minor league who will play on Tuesdays, and $250 for the development league which will be shown on Mondays. All of these games will be streamed at 8:00 pm CT so make sure you tune in and support the stream!

These leagues are going to create great competition for the players and challenge the abilities of the coaches. Make sure you tune in and pick your favorite team to support them through their upcoming games. If you have a team that might be interested in competing, applications to join will be closed on December 10, 2017.

Jake Brumley