Upsurge New Years!

2018 is the year of upgrades for everything Upsurge! This year we are making huge improvements to our content. You can expect a lot more coming from our teams including an increase in videos, articles, team information, and community suggestions. 2018 will be a big overhaul of Upsurge as a whole and will allow for more constant content.


One of our primary objectives is to be able to bring out more information about what is currently going on with our leagues. Our teams will be working diligently to post new videos and articles throughout the week to update fans if they miss a game or don’t have a lot of time to watch. We will have more content being made for all three of our leagues so that way it will be much easier to be updated with all of them. We also invited top tier teams to compete which you can find here:


All of our teams are working very hard to get out information to the fans. As we continue to grow as an organization we always appreciate everything you do as a viewer. Every like, comment, view, or suggestion you put in helps our teams get an idea of what the viewers want. We hope to keep our momentum going and lead on into a great 2018! Make sure to visit the website for new videos are articles through the week along with the twitch for high quality streams!


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