Upsurge Leagues Week 2

Week two of the Upsurge leagues has finished with a whole batch of exciting games and jaw dropping plays. To start off the week in the Developmental League was CMU eSports vs Georgia Southern University. In the first game, CMU’s top laner, Harbing3r, played the scaling game with Nasus and waited for enough stacks to pop off. CMU’s support Ziggs was also able to help carry the game through team fights and pushing power. In the second game, CMU’s mid laner, Yusui, destroyed as Katarina while MooMooMooCow, CMU’s adc, smashed Georgia Southern University’s bot and assisted in the teams 2-0 victory.

The Minor League started with Honor eSports vs Team Spicy Boys. The first game displayed amazing gameplay from Honors bot lane. With Varus and Janna, they were able to synergize and crush their opponents. Their knowledge of the game was enough to lead them to victory in game one. The second match displayed Honor’s mid, mlaC, on Zoe with an outstanding performance. Along with their jungler 131200 with amazing ganks and objective control, these two were able to snowball the game too hard for Team Spicy Boys to come back.

Dawn eSports vs Grizzlys eSports tie off the week with three very exciting games. In game one, Grizzlys jungler, 0812, was able to give first blood to their mid Wazabiee. After their first kill, he kept pressure throughout the map, control of the objectives, and gave his team kills while also keeping a lot for himself. Game two was extremely close with both teams constantly getting picks but not being able to finish off the game. Dawn eventually was able to get the second baron of the game and defeat Grizzlys to go into a third match. The final match had everyone on the edge of their seats the entire time. As Dawn was seemingly about to make the final push of the game, Grizzlys top laner, Niles, on Jayce was backdooring. Grizzlys was barely able to stall for long enough to let the Jayce end the game and finish off the series with a bang!

Make sure you tune in next week for more exciting games on our Twitch channel. The schedule for each league is also on our events page so be sure to check it out!


Jake Brumley