Dawn eSports vs Rutgers eSports Week 3

Dawn eSports has been a monster of a team so far in this tournament. Starting with game one, their top laner, RedFlameEvolved, and mid laner, 5fire, beat their opponents on Rutgers Esports by outsmarting and outplaying them. 5fire’s Zoe was able to abuse her w and use her laners summoner spells against him. 5fire was also able to position in a way that Shrew, Rutgers midlaner, couldn’t punish. This caused for some flashy plays coming from the Zoe that made the chat PogChamp. RedFlameEvolved was able to get down damage on Rutgers' top laner over time and eventually kill him with a lot of unexpected damage. He was also able to cause trouble in team fights with his ultimate while 5fire was able to kill the backline.


In game two, Rutgers was able to learn from their mistakes and win their lanes. Their top and mid were able to get some kills with help from their jungler. However, at around twenty minutes Dawn’s ADC, NoahMost, was left alone and could dispense his damage throughout Rutgers' team. Most team fights we very exciting to watch because Rutgers had a very good team fighting comp but Dawn was able to defend themselves for a little bit. These fights ended with either Rutgers winning or a tie. Even though they had a lot of leads in gold, kills, and objectives, Dawn was able to play the waiting game and scale up and past Rutgers. On the last fight, Dawn was able to catch out their top laner and snowball the fight into a victory for the last game.


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Jake Brumley