Upsurge's Smite Team

Upsurge now has a Smite team ready to compete in the Season 5 Challenger Cup Circuit! Our team, Upsurge Blue, has been practicing almost every day for around 4 hours and scrimming other teams 3 times a week. Blue has lost a small portion of their scrims and are constantly striving to be better. They even fought against Dreamhack Tournament winners Astral Authority! The roster for Upsurge Blue is:

  • Ai stray - Carry
  • Wallo de trumpo - Support
  • Ai crunch - Mid
  • DxCx Glowstick - Jungle and Captain
  • Flakeysuperior - Solo and Shot Caller

The Challenger Cup will be streamed by Hi-RezTV on Twitch so make sure you go support our team. The first match of the open bracket is March 3rd so tune into that. These players have been working extremely hard to get to where they are and deserve everything that comes their way. If you enjoy watching or playing Smite we highly encourage you to go support the team on Twitch and Discord. If you are also thinking about getting into Smite, this would be a great place to start because you can see what advanced gameplay looks like, and maybe learn a thing or two from the teams and casters!

For highlight videos and games from our past events, check out our Youtube. Make sure you tune in to watch on March 3rd and our League Tournament next week!


Jake Brumley