League Champion Reveal: Kai'Sa

On Tuesday, Riot revealed the next champion that will make its way onto the Rift. Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void was stranded in the void for years and lost all hope for being rescued. She never gave up and powered through challenges to eventually have skin from a Void creature attach to her. This creature is the only reason why she escaped the Void and now fights on Summoners Rift.

Starting with her passive, she has a 5 hit passive that does a burst of magic damage and applies stacks with immobilizing effects (stuns/snares). The second part to this upgrades her abilities based on what items she buys. Her Q fires a barrage of missiles that distribute to enemies. She will fire a lot more missiles as an upgrade when she gets enough attack damage. Kai’Sa’s W is a long range skill shot that reveals the first enemy hit and applies her passive stacks. As an upgrade, with enough ability power her W will deal more damage and refund the cooldown if it hits champions. Her E is a speed up that stops her from attacking. Once she starts attacking however, she will gain an attack speed buff. Getting enough attack speed will give her true invisibility with her movement speed buff. Finally, her R lets her almost instantly dash to an enemy champion marked with her passive. This ability has high range and gives her a shield once she dashes.

Kai’Sa is going to be under the marksman class and has a very interesting kit. Most people believed, before her reveal, that she would play bot lane as an ADC. However, her kit suggests that she might be played as a jungler instead. The thinking behind this is that her abilities force her to play up close. With only a 500-525 range and dashes right to a champion, she will probably see little play as a bot laner. Despite that, her kit is still very interesting and could cause for some interesting builds because of her passives. She gets upgrades for having attack damage, ability power, and attack speed, so Guinsoo's Rageblade might be seen on her as a core item.

If you want more information on this new champion and videos of her abilities, check out the champion reveal here. Make sure you also tune into our live streams on Twitch and our videos on Youtube!

Jake Brumley