UPL Power Teams Update

The UPL has recently become the place to be if you want to watch extremely high level play. The top three teams currently are Grizzlys eSports, Wildcard Gaming, and Dawn eSports. These teams are all forces to be reckoned with because of how well they play in their solo lanes and synergize with each other during teamfights.

Dawn's mid laner 5fire is a great example of a player that is able to win his lane. In previous games where he’s played Zoe, he is able to position super well and use his opponent's summoner spells against them in very unique ways. He doesn't stop there though, as the game progresses he is able to catch out squishy members of the enemy team and allow for teamfight advantages. Even tonight while playing Kassadin, 5fire got caught out but was able to turn around and kill two members from Wildcard Gaming.

Wildcards top laner Myloo was also able to apply a lot pressure throughout the games and give his team a backup plan if things started heading south. In today's first game,  he picked Cho’Gath and stacked his ultimate until he became a wall. He made it really tough for Dawn to get to their backline while constantly putting pressure on the opposing team's squishy champions. Overall he thrives when it comes to team fights and really helps Wildcard stand up to these other dominant teams.

A great example of a jungler who knows his team is Grizzys jungler 0812. In the games that he has been shown in, he thrives off of snowballing his teammates. When facing off against Dawn eSports, 0812 was able to give his team enough kills to let them run wild. This also gave him the advantage because he could take control of objectives, like dragon and towers, more easily. He was able to synergize with his teammates and carry them early so that they could carry him later.

This is just a glimpse into the UPL and how great the players are. To watch the games live or past games that you might have missed, check out our Twitch. For highlight videos and games from our past events, check out our Youtube. Make sure you tune in next week for some more exciting games and amazing outplays!

Jake Brumley