Wildcard Gaming fights Super Nova Esports: Week 7

Week 7 of the Upsurge Premier League finished with a bang as Wildcard Gaming fights Super Nova Esports! In game one, both teams had good looking team comps. The Xayah and Rakan bot lane for Super Nova looked scary while Wildcard’s top and jungle team fight seemed promising. Wildcard’s mid laner, Sudzzi, pulled out Corki to fight Super Nova’s Orianna. He was able to get a few kills early and snowball his lead by getting Triforce. Sudzzi and their jungler were a big help to securing the first victory.

Game two was off to a great start for Super Nova. Their jungler, Kind Jungle, was playing Kha’zix and was a force to be reckoned with. By 15 minutes he already had four kills and was still dominating lanes. This gave him the ability to gank other lanes and continue their lead later into the game. He dived into team fights, dragging the enemies agro onto him while his team cleaned up the fight. A great performance from him that lead to a victory for Super Nova and sending it to a third game.

All members of Wildcard really wanted this win and it really showed. They had great communication and were able to gank bot efficiently to start their snowball onto their adc, KingVexx. Their top laner, Myloo, was also able to consistently survive ganks to his lane and sometimes get a kill out of it. These outplays led to him becoming an unstoppable monster through the rest of the game. Wildcard was also able to keep control of the vision which lead to getting a lot of picks. This paved the path to their second win and a victory for the night.

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Jake Brumley