Wildcard Gaming versus Life Support

Wildcard Gaming versus Life Support displayed a lot of outplays and expert ganking techniques. Game one started with Wildcard’s mid laner, Sudzzi, going 8-0 on Cassiopeia. However, the rest of his team was not able to catch up with him which lead to harder teamfights. Especially with Life Support’s jungler, Feitan, on Sejuani catching out Wildcard. This is how Life support happened to finish off game one with a strong start.

Game two began with Wildcard’s Sejuani snowballing top lane with two kills. This lead to a dominating, spit pushing Yorick along with a super tanky Sejuani. Myloo on Yorick was able to 2v1 the enemy Xayah and Lee Sin by expertly dodging the Xayah ultimate and stalling for his q timer. With very little resistance, Wildcard was able to snag game two because of the early ganking from lc0nic.

lc0nic was also a massive player in game three on Zac. He did take some kills early, but by doing this he became a great frontline for his team, allowing for Wildcards adc, KingVexx, and mid, Sudzzi, to pop off and become late game threats. After 37 minutes, Wildcard was able to secure the Elder Dragon and make a final push to end the game.

In the last game, Life Support was looking good. Kshuna was doing good on Varus bot lane and Fockus was winning mid lane as Ryze. They kept the momentum going through the mid game but Wildcard was able to stall until their tanks could get their items. Once again lc0nic performed really well with securing dragons, which is another reason how they were able to stall. After around 40 minutes Life Support was getting caught out and Wildcard beat them in teamfights. They were able to force a fight that Life Support couldn’t take if they wanted to win and finished pushing to secure their final victory.

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Jake Brumley