Irelia Rework: Abilities and Analysis

If you are an avid League of Legends player, you have probably heard about Irelia’s rework being revealed. However, you might not have read what her new abilities do and where she might fit into the meta.

Starting with her passive, hitting spells on enemies gives Irelia a stack which gives her autos extra magic damage and attack speed which increases per stack. It also gives her increased damage to champions who have a shield.

Irelia’s Q is a dash that does damage, applies on hit effects like frozen mallet, and heals her for a small amount. If enemy you use this on dies or is marked the cooldown will be refreshed.

Her W stops her from moving and attacking when casted. For the duration of it being channeled, which cannot be interrupted, she gets damage reduction. After being cast a second time, Irelia will shoot in a small line in front of her, dealing damage.

Irelia’s E is a new mechanic that can be casted twice. She places down two blades that form a line between each other, stunning any target in that line and marking them.

Finally, her ultimate sends out a projectile that will expand if it hits an enemy champion. This ability marks all targets hit along with creating a barrier that slows enemies that walk through the blades. Walking through it also disables a champions ability to auto attack.

Irelia seems like she will now be a great counter to marksmen champions with her ultimate. Especially if you take teleport and try to constantly camp bot lane. Her team-fighting potential is really good because she will be able to engage and dive into the back line and, if she gets caught or too ahead of her team, she can just w and stall for a few more seconds. Overall I think her kit looks very fun and could be a good pick into champions like Camille and Fiora.

For a more in-depth look at her kit along with videos of her abilities, you should check out Riot’s page on her release here. They also show what to do when playing her and what her updated splash arts look like. If you’re thinking about picking her up, make sure you read their page too!

Jake Brumley