Beginning of a New Season

April 2nd, 2018 marks the beginning of our next leagues’ season! We are also introducing a new schedule for our leagues. UPL West will play on Monday, while UPL East will be on Tuesday. After a break on Wednesday, UML West will play on Thursday and UML East will play Friday. All games will be at 8:00pm EST on our Twitch, here. The weekend is dedicated to 1v1 tournaments at 6:00 pm EST and 5v5 tournaments and 8:00pm EST.

We start the season off with the West teams, Ohio State University vs AZIO White, Dawn eSports vs High Voltage, and Team Clarity vs Grunto eSports on Monday. Zenith eSports vs AZIO Black, Honor Blue vs Mirage eSports, and Remembrance vs Life Support play the next day for the East teams. We are very excited to see some returning teams and can’t wait to see how they update their performance for this seasons competition.

On Thursday, Spectral vs Dawn Academy, Ohio State JV vs Paladins, and Leviathan vs Windstorm Academy are the matches for West. Then following day has TSUES vs ExT, AZIO Academy vs Honor Red, and Dramatik vs University of Toronto playing for the East. These matches are highly anticipated and we really want to see some action from these teams.

Catch these matches live at 8:00pm EST on our Twitch, here. Dont forget to also join our Discord so you can chat with the community about the games, here.

Jake Brumley