League Patch 8.5 Rundown

Patch 8.5 launched on Tuesday and has some changes aimed mostly at junglers and marksmen. First of all, the new champion Kai’sa was released. To learn more about her kit and gameplay, you can read an article about her here.

For the rest of bot lane, Twitch’s e got a little more scaling after his nerf in 8.4. This might give him more play time since last patch. Jhin got a few very important buffs, too.  His passive, which gives him his percent attack damage, is getting a scaling buff along with his q. His w now activates on any damage from Jhin or his teammates, which now includes his ultimate and q. Lastly for botlane, Tristana is getting a range nerf and her w is getting more base damage. This will stop her from dominating bot lane with poke and her scaling into late game will be weaker.

Moving onto jungle, Nocturne might make it into the spotlight because basically everything of his is getting buffed. His passive gives more healing and the cooldown reduces more on champion hits, his q travels faster, if he w’s before ulting it will stay active until it reaches his target, and his ultimate lasts longer. Rengar is also getting a lot of buffs. His ferocity takes longer to fall off, his q now scales and has more base damage, and his ultimate gives true vision on a target until he is done leaping. This might mean more play time as well, especially against invisibility champions like Kha’zix, Vayne, and Kai’sa even.

The last few important buffs to touch on, Hextech GLP-800 now does a little more damage and it slows the target for 65% instead of 40%. Cloud dragon now gives 2% more speed per stack and that buff is tripled when you’re out of combat. This could be better for champions that run predator or for hecarim, it gives a better incentive to get the cloud dragon.  

That’s what I thought the most important changes were this patch, for the full list you can check the patch notes here. Make sure you also tune into our live streams on Twitch and our videos on Youtube!

Jake Brumley