UPL: Honor eSports Blue (HNR) vs. Remembrance (RMB)

    In tonight's exhilarating match, Honor eSports Blue and Remembrance played a great series, but only one team emerged successfully.

    The early game was split almost perfectly between both teams. Honor eSports’ ‘Aavhin’ on Trundle started off the match with a gank mid lane. He secured first blood under the enemy turret at 6 minutes and got the ball rolling for his team. HNR continued to use their advantage to stay ahead. At 11 minutes, HNR took down an uncontested Ocean Drake at 11 minutes in order to stock up some extra gold when they recalled. Team Remembrance picked up the other half of the first objectives as ‘Axm’ on Renekton and secures a solo first turret top lane and reveal the Rift Herald for his team. Unfortunately for RMB, the Rift Herald was to no avail. Honor eSports realized their adversaries were occupied in the mid lane and rotated down to the Ocean Drake. This is when the match started to get intense. At this point in the game, RMB had a small turret lead, but HNR had more kills and gold. Honor eSports swiftly rotated back to the Dragon Pit and secured an Infernal Drake at 24 minutes. By 28 minutes, HNR recovered from their turret deficit and turned to Baron Buff in hopes to finish off the game. HNR took Baron Buff after fending it away from their enemies. HNR’s ‘inchesevan’ on Irelia puts the cherry on top for his team with a last-minute Triple Kill and ends out the game at 31 minutes. 

    Game two was filled with nail-biting plays. Honor eSports’ ‘Wispe’ on Karma secured first blood at 2 minutes in the bot lane onto the enemy Caitlyn. An early four-versus-four quickly turned into a five-versus-five, and both teams benefited. Honor eSports walks away with kills, but Remembrance grabbed some map pressure. HNR recovered quickly, however, and after a secured first turret top lane, they trickled down to the Rift Herald. HNR ruled the second portion of the game. By 25 minutes, Honor eSports has a four turret, 8 kills, and a 9,000 gold lead over their opponents. This allows HNR to take objectives with ease as both teams lead into the late game. Honor eSports takes a Cloud and an Ocean Drake within ten minutes of each other! HNR then prepared for their next objective. RMB beats HNR to Baron Buff although, and begins to combat the river monster. HNR arrived on time and they backed their adversaries down far enough to secure the Buff at 33 minutes. HNR takes a few picks off their enemies and breaks into RMB’s base to conclude tonight’s series at 38 minutes. 

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Elle Karff