League of Legends Clash Beta Release

     Do you have think you have what it takes? Do you have a 5-man team that’s ready to give it their all? Then Clash is for you!

     Clash Beta is a client operated tournament system in League of Legends. The tournaments will be held on weekends, and the first set starts this Friday at 8 pm EST or 11 pm EST. The first 30 minutes will be the lock-in phase where you can scout the enemy team for what champions they play along with their rank. After that section, the games start and the winners compete again the next day. You start in a four-team bracket, then if you win the first set of matches you go into an eight-team bracket, then a sixteen team bracket for Sunday. The winners get the top prizes, these consist of capsules, icons, and points to unlock new banners.

     Even with community hype and an easier way to compete with your friends, the system still has some growing to do. To start with, in order to compete, you have to verify your league account through SMS. This is just another layer to prevent smurfs from joining into lower tier tournaments, but it can be a hassle for the regular player to do this. Another issue is that the times are inconvenient for the East Coast. They based the time for the tournaments on the West Coast, so this means that games will go on late into the night for Eastern players. The final issue that a lot of people will probably not like is the lack of an ability to add substitutes. Most people might need a backup player or two in case one person can’t make the time. Unfortunately, Riot doesn’t allow for players not showing up on time.  

     With this new event released to the public, it has raises many different opinions. Clash Beta will be beneficial to the LoL scene, and here's why. The tournament mode will expose the LCS/competitive eSports side of the game to the main player base. For those players who log onto their client and close out the eSports notifications, this will open the opportunity for them to be involved. Since Clash is for players of all skill levels and positions, a greater amount of the player base will become aware of the competitive scene. Another great thing about Clash is that it’s cost-free! If you and your friends want to play as a team outside of flex matches, they do not have to pay to participate in tournaments! This truly benefits summoners of all elos. Most amateur eSports organizations charge an entry fee to participate in their brackets. However, if you participate in Clash, you can get the competitive experience without having to open your wallet. Clash will be an amazing gift to the League of Legends community.

     Don’t forget to watch the games tomorrow at 8:00 pm EST on our Twitch and become apart of the Upsurge community on our Discord and Twitter!

Jake Brumley