UML: Dawn Academy vs Windstorm Academy

     An outstanding battle from Dawn Academy and Windstorm Gaming took place tonight over three games!

     Game one starts off with Dawn’s ADC, O2 Zero Two, on Ezreal taking first blood on the enemy Rakan. A few seconds later, Windstorm’s ADC killed the enemy Taric and got out alive. While Xayah is recalling, however, Ezreal tries to snipe her under tower but miscalculates and dies. Dawn is trying to be overly aggressive, but Windstorm is still beating them in kills. After Windstorm’s jungler gives another kill to Xayah, she starts to snowball and is doing a massive amount of damage in fights. At 19 minutes, Windstorms mid laner, Biggo, double kills the enemy jungler and mid laner! This gives them an even bigger lead and lets them take the dragon. At 25 minutes, Windstorm tries to take Baron, but Dawn comes in and kills four of them out of nowhere! Dawn had come back from a bad laning phase and was now fighting at Windstorms base. They catch out three and while they are taking down the nexus towers, they take out the remaining players to end the game.

     The second game had Windstorms jungler, Happyland, on Zac ganking as much as possible. He goes mid and kills the Ryze for first blood. After Windstorms Jax outplaying the enemy top with a sliver of health, he appears just in time to help catch out Dawn's jungler. As soon as thats done, he goes top lane and gets another kill to the Jax. At 14 minutes, the teams 3v3 top lane, giving Windstorm 3 kills, Rift Harold, and top tower without any casualties. A few minutes later, they 5v5 mid lane. It starts off with Windstorms ADC basically one shotting the enemy Xayah and using Caitlyn traps to get one more pick. Windstorm stay for too long though and Dawn catches out four of them. At 23 minutes, Windstorm 5v5s at dragon and kills 3 people while only losing two, letting them push mid for the inhibitor. Later on, Dawn's Jax gets caught out, allowing for Winstorm to get an even trade of three kills for three kills, but takes the advantage by taking infernal dragon. Around 32 minutes, Winstorm gets the Baron and catches out two members of Dawn that tried to steal it, then ends the game. 

     Finally game three, after a lot of outplays a comeback anything could happen. First blood is taken by Windstorms jungler at 3 minutes in a 2v2 top lane. With this, Winstorm takes the daring opportunity to take infernal dragon at 5 miunutes, and it works! A few minutes after an outplay top lane where Dawn's Ornn barely lives a winning duel against Shen, they 5v5 at dragon where Winstorm kills four people and doesn't lose a soul. At 15 minutes, Dawn's Azir and Vel'koz are fighting mid lane. Azir almost gets him, but Winstorm's Morgana comes up and barely saves him in time. After a few close fights with nobody falling, a team fight breaks out at Baron where Winstorm catches out Olaf and Kai’sa. Winstorm's Shen saves the Sivir and helps catch out Azir and Soraka for a total of four kills and Baron. Winstorm catches out Ornn at 27 minutes and is able to take the mid inhibitor with the help of baron. At 31 minutes, Winstorm is on Dawns lawn. Dawn could not hold though, even after giving it everything they had. Winstorm had caught out everyone except Ornn to end the game.


Jake Brumley