UML: TSU eSports (TSUES) vs. Honor eSports Red (HnR)

     Tonight’s match was not one to miss. TSU eSports and Honor eSports both put on their shining armor, but only one team rode away to victory.

     Game one started very abruptly. Honor eSports didn’t waste a second, and they chased down TSUES’s Xerath before minions spawned. Xerath’s ally jumps to victory and sacrificed himself for his teammate, giving first blood to HnR Ryze at 1 minute! The early game turned out to be extremely aggressive, but HnR maintained their advantage. They secured the Cloud Drake but, TSUES refused to let the wind knock them down. They retaliated with taking the next Dragon and secured the first turret at 10 minutes. TSUES polished their armor to push through the mid-game. TSUES’s ‘Da Klef King’ on Kled has astonishing 2v1 outplays, using his turret and his summoner spells and obliterated his adversaries. This allowed him and his ally Xerath to maintain a perfect KDA. With two of TSUES’s carries larger than life, they began to ease their way through objectives. After a Rift Herald and Mountain Drake, TSUES headed to the baron pit. Honor eSports recovered from their teamfight just in time to steal the baron at 24 minutes! TSUES didn’t reset although, allowing HnR Fiora to split push for a nexus turret. This wasn’t enough to stop TSU eSports’s reign, and TSUES closes out the game at 37 minutes.

     Game two was a great successor to the first as the tables have turned. TSU eSports started off this match with their ‘Muckey’ on Ezreal securing the first blood bot lane. HnR Trundle used his team's new advantage and pulled off a successful gank to even up the playing field. HnR used this to push themselves ahead as HnR’s Caitlyn killed her enemy laners to open the first turret. Both teams played the mid-game as a battle of objective steal and butted head-to-head for an advantage. HnR stole the ocean drake from TSU at 10 minutes, but TSU pried the Infernal Drake out from under HnR grip at 18 minutes. HnR was able to keep the major objectives under their belts, however, and after a failed Baron contest, HnR secured the buff at 20 minutes. HnR didn’t hesitate and aced to close out the match at 25 minutes.

     Game three held the hype of the previous two. Honor eSports’s Skarner took first blood submerged in the enemy jungle at 4 minutes. By just 11 minutes, HnR won three team fights and HnR Caitlyn had two double kills up her sleeve. They held onto this lead as if their lives depended on it, and moved through the match with little hesitation. HnR took first turret bot lane at 12 minutes, and immediately snowballed to the Ocean Drake and secured it. HnR takes Rift Herald right before it despawns, and used it mid lane to take tier 3. TSUES kept getting back up, but only to be pushed back down. HnR took Baron Buff at 20 minutes, permitting HnR Caitlyn to ace at 23 mins and help win the game alongside her teammates.

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Elle Karff