UPL: High Voltage (HV) vs. Team Clarity (CL)

     High Voltage and Team Clarity started out week three of the Upsurge Premier League in this thrilling best-of-three match.

     Team Clarity didn’t hesitate as ‘Staks’ on Ornn secured first blood on the enemy mid laner after ‘Phoenix Main’ on Morgana landed a dark binding onto HV Galio at 30 seconds! CL played an even early-game, but found a pocket to take the Infernal Drake at 11 minutes. While HV's Galio and Kayn were occupying their enemies in the river, HV's bot lane was at work and took down the first turret. Both teams traded consistently, but no great advantage was extracted from the fights. The next objective didn't come around until 24 minutes, where CL secured the Cloud Drake. The game quickly escalated from here. Team Clarity’s ‘Shisue’ on Ryze had a perfect KDA, helped pave a clear path for his team in order for them to head to the Baron pit. However, HV’s Sion backs off his adversaries with a teleport, and HV starts baron at 32 minutes. CL was able to catch back up, ace HV, and secure baron at 33 minutes. This gave Team Clarity an eight-kill lead and an 8,000 gold lead. CL took a Cloud Drake to add to their momentum, and makes their way to HV’s base. HV wasn't able to respawn in time, and Team Clarity closed out game one at 35 minutes. 

     High Voltage led game two as ‘Wazabiee’ on LeBlanc took first blood slightly into the enemy jungle at 4 minutes. LeBlanc wasn’t the only one getting their lane ahead, however. HV’s ‘HyBriDZz’ on Camille showed his skills with outstanding 2v1 outplays under his turret. With pressure in the top and mid-side of the map, this allowed HV to control the bot side. HV secured an Ocean Dragon at 10 minutes, followed by CL reclaiming some territory with an Ocean Dragon at 14 minutes. Both teams consistently opposed each other in objectives and map presence. Whenever one team was top side, the other was near bot lane taking some control. HV used Rift Herald to add some more pressure to their pool and take down four of CL’s members. This allowed HV to take an inhibitor as well as a couple turrets. HV didn't want to run this game any longer, so they headed to the Baron. HV secured it and aced shortly after to end the game at 31 minutes.  

     In the final game, HV starts by taking first blood for their jungler from a bot side gank. From this kill, they end up taking infernal dragon. However, CL takes down the first tower and snags the second infernal dragon from under HV's noses. A few minutes later, they steal the Rift Harold from HV. CL becomes very focused on taking objectives this game to secure their victory, and it's working so far. At 21 minutes, CL fights for the ocean dragon and is able to take it. They then go to take Baron without any pressure from the enemy team. At 28 minutes, CL tries to repeat taking dragon then baron. They start off with taking the infernal dragon and start the Baron, but HV's jungler, GableBS, was able to steal it! Unfortunately, HV were not able to get a big enough lead with the Baron steal, so CL is able to wait for the Baron to run out. CL learns from their mistakes and secures the final Baron, with this and infernal dragon they ace HV at 43 minutes and end the game strong. 

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Elle Karff