UPL: High Voltage (HV) vs. Dawn eSports (DAWN)

High Voltage and Dawn eSports battled it out on the first night of the Upsurge Premier League, and they didn’t fail to disappoint. In tonight’s best-of-three match, both teams gave it their all, but only one team walked away victorious.

Dawn eSports’s ‘EloDaddy Hyper’ on Olaf starts off game one by flashing and smiting High Voltage’s Jhin in the bot lane at 7 minutes, taking first blood. He turned this into an early double kill for his team and snowballed to secure a Mountain Drake at 12 minutes. DAWN disrespected HV’s bot lane entirely and forced them out of their lane, locking in first turret at 14 minutes. However, High Voltage refused to be sat down and took two of their adversaries turrets shortly after. DAWN takes the Rift Herald top lane in retaliation and attempts to put some turrets under their belts. Unfortunately for DAWN although, HV’s turret and gold lead set them ahead of their enemies and after securing an Infernal Drake, Mountain Drake, and Baron Buff, High Voltage destroyed three of DAWN’s inhibitors to end it all at 34 minutes.

Game two kept the crowd on the edge of their seats as DAWN’s Olaf sets the tempo by ganking for first blood at 2 minutes in the mid lane. DAWN took advantage of their early advantage and secured Ocean Drake at 9 minutes. After both teams take off a couple picks, DAWN secures first turret top lane and resets to prepare for their next objective. In retaliation, HV secured Rift Herald at 18 minutes and used it top lane to secure the tier 3 and tier 2 turret top lane. Mid-game only bridged to late-game where both teams returned back to the baron pit. High Voltage aced Dawn eSports and secured Baron Buff, taking it into DAWN’s base. By 35 minutes, DAWN loses all of their inhibitors. Although they did everything they could to defend, HV still took down 3 of their enemies, and closed out the game at 37 minutes.

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Elle Karff