UPL: Zenith eSports (ZEN) vs. Azio eSports Black (AZIO)

On April 3rd, 2018 two Upsurge Premier League teams gave it everything they had on the rift. In tonight’s thrilling match, Zenith eSports and Azio eSports Black fought their hardest for victory.

In game one, the fight for the early-game kept the audience on the edge of their seats. AZIO didn’t waste a second, and at just 3 minutes AZIO’s ‘that808gamer’ on Skarner swiftly secured the Infernal Drake. He used this advantage over Zenith eSports to secure first blood mid-lane onto Cassiopeia. Although, ZEN retaliated and headed to the Ocean Drake. AZIO attempted to contest, but Zenith eSports was able to finish the Dragon off. However, AZIO wouldn’t allow their opponents to take an objective for free and AZIO’s ‘KingGeorgie’ on Caitlyn walked away with a double kill and first turret bot lane. The tables turned once Rift Herald was prioritized, and AZIO secured it and gained an immense amount of turret pressure, allowing them to take down a Cloud Drake. At this point in the game, AZIO dominated objectives, leaving ZEN to play a game of catch-up. Zenith did take down 4 out of 5 of the enemy team, but after suffering from a 7 turret deficit, AZIO cracked open ZEN’s base. ZEN’s ‘Kshuna’ on Xayah tried his hardest to stay alive, but AZIO was too strong and aced to end game one at 30 minutes.

Game two was a great successor to the first, as both teams continue to put all their skills on the table. Both teams led a constant fight for even the slightest advantage, but Zenith eSports got the ball rolling this game. At 2 minutes, ZEN’s ‘R I P Mcbaze’ on Syndra locked in first blood onto AZIO’s Skarner in the result of a countergank from ZEN’s Jax. ZEN used this to secure an Infernal Drake at 6 minutes. The dragon pit was a popular spot for these two teams in game two. AZIO led their fight after they took an Infernal Drake at 14 minutes and snowballed to take the first turret mid lane. This snowballing continued and led both teams into the mid lane where AZIO took the mid-game for themselves. AZIO maintained a turret and gold lead, but Zenith eSports still led in kills. Returning to the bot side, ZEN started to attack an Ocean Drake at 20 minutes. AZIO’s presence forced them off the Dragon and ZEN’s Syndra took a double kill in a 3-for-3 team fight for the buff. While they were finishing up the Ocean Drake, AZIO traded the objective for time to prepare for Baron Buff. AZIO secured Baron Buff at 36 minutes and pried open Zenith eSport’s base. AZIO’s ‘5fire’ on Ekko takes a triple kill and ends the game alongside his teammates at 38 minutes.

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Elle Karff