League of Legends Patch 8.7 Rundown

Riot games released Patch 8.7 this afternoon, and many dramatic changes were made. Many rumors have hovered over this patch, but only a few deemed to be true.

Top lane had the most significant changes this patch, especially with the Irelia rework being released on live servers. You can learn more about her rework in an article here. Other than her, Malphite got his base attack damage buffed a little. This could increase his lane pressure earlier in the game and make him more of a threat. His E got an ap buff and his ultimate cooldown was lowered. These changes could make him more reliable for team fighting and holding down the enemy carries. Swain, who has been dominating since his release, is finally receiving a small nerf. It’s not much, but his Q’s cooldown is being increased early and it’s base damage is being reduced. This could make him less dominate early game while still keeping some of his late game power.

If you don’t already know how to farm well already, this change should encourage you too. Melee, cannon, and super minions now give you more gold when killed and caster minions give less. The cannon minions now give 60 gold instead of 45 which is a big change. It also gives more opportunity to come back in lane by farming if you’ve already given up a kill or two.  

Supports build paths were also immensely impacted this patch. Relic Shield, one of the most purchased support items, took a particular toll. The “Relic Shield Line” consisted of the starting item Relic Shield, which then upgrades to Targon’s Brace, and finished with Remnant of the Aspect. Relic’s unique quest states to earn 500 coins using the Targon’s Brace, and be rewarded with a permanent upgrade to Celestial Eye and Eye of the Aspect. This would unlock the warding active with 3-4 wards in stock. However, Patch 8.7 make it more difficult than in the past. They reduced the gold per 10 minions from 2 to 1 with Relic Shield, and 4 to 1 with Targon’s Brace and Remnant of the Aspect. This will lead supports to lean towards the other support items the shop has in stock and eliminate the overperformance of the Relic Shield Line. On the other hand, Locket of the Iron Solari also received a nerf. The shield base as well as level scaling decreased. The early bonus health ratio and the cooldown time also took a bullet. The purpose of this was not to run Locket of the Iron Solari into the ground, but to make other tank support and jungle items more desirable.  

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Elle Karff