UML: Spectral eSports vs Dawn Academy

     Game one started off with first blood being taken by Spectral’s support at 5 minutes. Their bot lane took that small lead and was able to snowball their Kai’sa, BringBackJosh, later on. She was able to pickup a double kill bot lane and the first tower. Spectral’s mid laner was also able to get a few picks on the enemy mid laner which lead to them getting mid tower. At around 15 minutes Spectral was able to win a fight, killing 3 of Dawn's members without losing anyone themselves. A little bit later the same thing happened and allowed Spectral to get a few more towers. At 25 minutes, Spectral opened Dawn's base and fights them as a team. Kai’sa ended up dominating the fight and getting a quadra kill. After Dawn re-spawned, another team fight broke out leading to Spectral winning game one.

     The second game had an early team fight in Spectral's jungle. This ended with Dawn killing two members of Spectral and getting a lead for the rest of laning phase. Dawn’s jungler, Jim Cantore, was able to pull off a lot of ganks against the enemies mid laner, snowballing their Swain for the late game. Eventually, the two teams fought for Rift Harold, but Dawn was able to get it and kill three members of Spectral with no consequences. A little later, Dawn was able to open up the inhibitor tower and kill 2 members of Spectral, then move on to baron. At 24 minutes, Dawn was able to rush down Spectral's base and end the game, giving them a chance to win the series.

     The third and final game began with a team fight at the dragon pit. Spectral was able to take the dragon and three members of Dawn with it. Later on, a 2v2 broke out top lane with both teams junglers and top laners. Only one person from each team fell however, and not much else was accomplished from this fight. At 21 minutes, Spectral fought Dawn in their base, killing three members but losing two. This fight allowed them to get more map pressure and an inhibitor. At this point, it was hard enough for Dawn to push lanes, but having to defend against super minions made it even harder. At 23 minutes, a team fight at baron took place when Dawns jungler tried to steal the buff. He did not succeed and Spectral were able to take down three members of Dawn as well. This lead to them pushing top lane until Dawn re-spawned again. A final team fight took place where two members of Spectral died but Dawn had lost three members to Spectral's mid laner, eventually losing Dawn the game.

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Jake Brumley