UML: Dramatik Gaming (DG) vs University of Toronto (UOT)

     Tonight in the UML, Dramatik Gaming (DG) faced off against the University of Toronto (UOT) in two exciting matches.

     The first game started off strong with DG invading UOT’s jungle and getting first blood. They ended up getting three kills for one after the smoke had cleared. UOT later had a fight bot lane and ended up with two kills for their support. UOT’s Bard was also constantly roaming mid and helping their LeBlanc get kills. At around 17 minutes, a team fight broke out and resulted in two kills for UOT and three kills for DG. After some pressure being put down, UOT team fights at the baron pit and almost ace’s DG. With that victory, UOT was able to get the baron and win another fight to get DG’s inhibitor. At 28 minutes DG’s jungler, Fucashehe, steals the infernal dragon and is able to get out alive. Another baron fight breaks out at 31 minutes which gives DG a chance to come back by getting baron and an ace. They weren't able to come back though and UOT was able to basically ace them two times before ending the game

     Game 2 began to show the roaming powers of DG’s mid laner, Joey Mangoes. He went top lane and secured first blood onto the enemy Gangplank. At 13 minutes, a 5v5 team fight starts, UOT gets an ace and ocean drag while only losing two members. A few minutes later, UOT tower dives the top lane in a 3v3. They get DG’s Gangplank and Taliyah along with the tower while not losing anyone. Around 17 minutes in, a fight happens bot lane where UOT takes down 3 members of DG with no casualties. UOT’s jungler, Away Today, always happens to be right near the action and is able to secure fights throughout the game. At 22 minutes DG’s Kai’sa outplays the enemy Gangplanks in a 1v1 and lives with only 100 hp. This lets them get bot tower and begin pushing around the map. Later on, UOT gets baron then wins a team fight, finally opening up DG’s base mid and top. For the final fight, UOT catches out DG’s jungler and forces baron. They end up killing all of DG with only one casualty on their side, and finish the game.

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Jake Brumley