UPL: Azio eSports White vs Grunto Esports

     The first match of this week is a very exciting 3 game series with Azio eSports White combat against Grunto Esports.

     Game one starts with Azio taking infernal dragon. Right after this, Azio's jungler, Hyaml, takes first blood in a four vs five on the enemy Sejuani. Gruntos mid laner then goes bot lane and gets a double kill a few minutes later. With those picks, they decide to try and take bot tower but are unsuccessful. At 14 minutes, Grunto's ADC takes the bot tower and adds a mountain dragon on top of that. These early dragons lead to Grunto having a nice damage and gold lead where they are soon able to secure infernal dragon and Baron at around 20 minutes. Using Baron, they get a few picks off and apply a lot of map pressure. A few minutes pass and Grunto gets into Azio's base to get an inhibitor. They work together to team fight and end the game at 25 minutes.

     The second game, at around 8 minutes, already has Azio's ADC, Pawsu The Hero, get a double kill and a mountain dragon. They also end up taking the first tower bot lane at 10 minutes. At 13 minutes, the teams 3v3 in the red side jungle leaving Azio's top laner with three kills and only losing one person. While continuing to snowball their small lead, they get cloud dragon at 15 minutes. Grunto sees some opportunity to get an objective, but sadly it's only a cloud dragon so it doesn't help them that much. At 22 minutes, a team fight breaks out at Baron Grunto win this fight getting three kills and the enemy mid tower. Only four minutes later, Azio get's an ace and Baron. They get some towers out of it, but not much happens until the final fight bot lane. Grunto's top laner tried to pick off Azio's ADC, but the xayah uses her ult to dodge it and turn the fight around. Azio later wins that fight killing three members for no casualties and ends the game. 

     The final game ended up being 55 minutes long and full of action. Only 40 seconds into the match, Grunto hides in a mid lane bush and catches out the enemy Corki. He gets caught by a Morgana binding and then a knock up from Sion with no time to react. This kill goes to Grunto's Azir and he uses the gold for an extra doran's ring for the mana regeneration. At 3 minutes, a 3v2 breaks out bot lane where Grunto's support, Day After Day, accidentally flash predicts the enemy Xayah and is able to secure the kill on her. A little bit later, Azio decides to tower dive Grunto in a 5v5. The Caitlyn is able to kite the enemy Cho'Gath and take him out of the fight. They end up winning with three kills for only one. Soon after that, another 5v5 takes place but at the dragon pit. Azio is able to kill three enemies without losing anyone, so they rush to get the Baron buff. At around 40 minutes, Azio snags Baron buff and the Elder Dragon. Azio rushes mid with both of these powerful buffs and engage in a fight. Both top laners get picked off, and Azio gets the mid inhibitor and the bot inhibitor. They kill two people for one and back off. At 50 minutes, Corki is split pushing Grunto's base, he gets both nexus towers before falling. Azio gets 3 picks before trying to end the game. ChinatownHustler, Grunto's mid laner, picks of the Xayah and stops them from ending. The final fight at 54 minutes starts with Darkx, Grunto's jungler, getting picked off along with Azio's top laner. Azio then finishes off Grunto's team and end the game at 55 minutes.

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Jake Brumley