Upsurge Joins the Rocket League Scene


     Earlier this week, Upsurge eSports acquired 5 players from PowerShot eSports to fill as their Rocket League team. The players from this group are, RedWater, K3ito, MattRocket, YLQK, and Nuvo. There is no set starters or subs yet. This squad was originally formed back in July, with new addition of Nuvo rather recent. This particular team has played in multiple tournament, including 2 of the players going against NRG (number 1 team in America at the time) and keeping the scores rather close for their first major tournament (5-1, 5-1). Since then the team has had to face multiple big team names such as No Capes!, Onslaught eSports, and Amethyst, which 2 out of 3 matches were lost by 1 point. They are relatively new, but just recently took part in the Elevate League. They are 2 and 2, with 6 games won, and 6 games lost. They are in 5th place and ready to make a splash later on in the season. With the new name, and a new reason to fight hard, the new Rocket League Upsurge team will have to fight through a lot of teams to prove their worth, but in the end, they feel they can.

       The Rocket League eSports scene is much different than your League of Legends, or Overwatch. There is no combinations or set cooldowns. This is your decision making, and skill, versus theirs. In competitive of this game, you must either know when to push the ball and pass or you will give the possession back to your opponents and they get the easiest score of their lives. Rocket League is so simple at the core that many can hop into this eSport but very few will ever walk away saying they are the champions of the eSport. The eSport is usually made up of tournaments from smaller orgs, but include big ones such as DreamHack, Rocket League Championship Series, and Mock-It Championship Series, that have a bigger paycheck, and bigger players. The smaller orgs can range from 10 dollars to around 1,000 dollars, but often include a sleeping pro, so beating them is amazing.

Garrett M