Welcome to the Upsurge Premier League page where we show all the information for this event. The Upsurge Premier League (UPL) was created in 2017 as a means for teams to compete at the top level within the amateur Esports scene. The entry fee for this league is $150 USD and the prize pool is $2,000 USD which will be split among first, second, and third place out of the 12 teams competing in this season. There are five weeks of regular season play and three weeks of playoffs. All games will be to best of 3 and scheduled to be played on Monday & Tuesday nights at 8:00pm EST (excluding playoffs). Each week a series will be selected to be streamed, this will be decided among staff as well as voting by players and fans.

  • Click HERE for the official Upsurge Premier League rule book.
  • Click HERE for the 2018 Spring Premier League Battlefy page.
  • Streamed Match East Week 4: Life Support vs Honor eSports Blue on Twitch

Season Schedule


4/2 Week 1: Ohio State University vs AZIO White | Dawn eSports vs High VoltageTeam Clarity vs Grunto eSports

4/9 Week 2: Ohio State University vs High Voltage | AZIO White vs Grunto Esports | Dawn eSports vs Team Clarity

4/16 Week 3: Ohio State University vs Grunto Esports | High Voltage vs Team ClarityAZIO White vs Dawn eSports

4/23 Week 4: Ohio State University vs Team Clarity | Grunto Esports vs Dawn eSports | High Voltage vs AZIO White

4/30 Week 5: Ohio State University vs Dawn eSports | Team Clarity vs AZIO White | Grunto Esports vs High Voltage


4/3 Week 1: Zenith eSports vs AZIO Black | Honor Blue vs Mirage eSports | Remembrance vs Life Support

4/10 Week 2: Zenith eSports vs Mirage eSports | AZIO Black vs Life Support | Honor Blue vs Remembrance

4/17 Week 3: Zenith eSports vs Life Support | Mirage eSports vs Remembrance | AZIO Black vs Honor Blue 

4/24 Week 4: Zenith eSports vs Remembrance | Life Support vs Honor Blue | Mirage eSports vs AZIO Black

5/1 Week 5: Zenith eSports vs Honor Blue | Remembrance vs AZIO Black | Life Support vs Mirage eSports


5/7 West Quarterfinals: 1 Seed vs 4 Seed | 2 Seed vs 3 Seed

5/8 East Quarterfinals: 1 Seed vs 4 Seed | 2 Seed vs 3 Seed

5/14 West Semifinals: Winner vs Winner 

5/15 East Semifinals: Winner vs Winner 

5/21 3rd Place Match: Loser vs Loser

5/22 Championship: Winner vs Winner

*All Matches are Bo3 scheduled for 8:00 PM EST (Semifinals, 3rd Place Match, & Championship are bo5).


Upsurge Premier League



4-0 1. Azio Esports White

4-0 2. Team Clarity

2-1 3. The Ohio State University

1-3 4. High Voltage

1-2 5. Grunto eSports

0-3 6. Dawn eSports

*Top 4 from West advance to playoffs.

Upsurge Premier League



4-0 1. Azio Esports Black

3-1 2. Zenith Esports

2-2 3. Life Support

2-2 4. Mirage Esports

1-3 5. Honor Esports Blue

0-4 6. Remembrance

*Top 4 from East advance to playoffs

Team Rosters


Azio Esports WhiteTOP: Firetheft | JG: Yisus | MID: Locke Lamora | ADC: Pawsu The Hero | SUPP: Chookies 

Dawn EsportsTOP: Stendhal | JG: Season 8 King | MID: AllAero | ADC: Virus | SUPP: HydroZenith | SUB: Elodaddy hyper| SUB: Hi im Freeze | SUB: Khans apprentice

Grunto EsportsTOP: StoNeDApE | JG: Ayyejay | MID: Drudgery | ADC: Midorima | SUPP: Day After Day | SUB: DarkX | SUB: Aspect1 | SUB: ChinatownHustler

High VoltageTOP: Hybridzz | JG: gablebs | MID: wazabiee | ADC: xxpewpewxx | SUPP: Zhuang | SUB: Coretienz

Team ClarityTOP: Mateusz | JG: Aojun | MID: Shisue | ADC: R L | SUPP: Mizt | SUB: are you trying 

The Ohio State UniversityTOP: Ahrun | JG: Dean Ice | MID: Dare 2 Defy | ADC: RemindMeRemi | SUPP: TheComus | SUB: BaconSeeker | SUB: Big 10 Big Ban


Azio Esports BlackTOP: Koby | JG: That808gamer | MID: 5fire | ADC: KingGeorgie | SUPP: omgtrancetv1 | SUB: Noahmost 

Honor Esports BlueTOP: inchesevan | JG: Aavhin | MID: mlaC | ADC: Blitzt | SUPP: wispe 

Life SupportTOP: Cyrano | JG: Feitan | MID: Fockus | ADC: Nagito | SUPP: Inko Sama | SUB: Mizt | SUB: Kshuna 

Mirage EsportsTOP: yuh yuh yuh yeet | JG: MIG Luhung | MID: MIG Joju | ADC: Str1fe | SUPP: SHOAA

RemembranceTOP: Axm | JG: Havooooc | MID: Jesus Chris | ADC: Spawwwwn | SUPP: Wenr | SUB: Good ol gelatin 

Zenith EsportsTOP: Niles | JG: IO Space | MID: R I P Mcbaze | ADC: ı am | SUPP: HydroZenith 

*Roster changes are locked every Sunday 8:00 PM EST.*

Past Champions

2017 Fall Upsurge Premier League Champion & Runner-Up: Ohio State University / DNA

2018 Winter Upsurge Premier League Champion & Runner-Up: Wildcard Gaming / Life Support